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2 weeks ago

19 Inexpensive Ways To Fix Up Your Kitchen (PHOTOS)

You may not be able to swap out the horrible laminate '80s cabinets just yet -- but that doesn't mean you can't turn your kitchen into a more stylish version of itself. Here are our favorite simple-but-inexpensive fixes for the most functional room in your home.

Display Artwork

Bring In Fresh Flowers (And/Or Fruit)

Add A Temporary Island (If There's Room)

Photo by John Gillooly/PEI

Get A Colorful Floor Mat

Photo by John Gillooly/PEI

Hang Up Your Pots And Pans

Treat Utensils As Art By Corralling Them In Nice Containers

Photo by John Gillooly/PEI

Install A Few Small Shelves

Photo by John Gillooly/PEI

Create A Dedicated Spot For Fido (So You Won't Have To Trip Over His Dishes)

Use A Desk Lamp As Task Lighting

New Drawer Organizers = Less Junk On Your Counters

Add Interesting New Drawer Pulls Or Cabinet Handles

Stick On A Blackboard

Or, Stick On A New Tiled Backsplash

If You're Talented: Design A Washi Tape Mural

Hang A Few Nice Plates On The Wall

Use Nice Glass Jars For Organizing

"Paper" The Inside Of Your Cabinets With Designer Shelf Liner

Rethink Kitchen Curtains

Or, Change Up Your Shade

3 weeks ago

Home Improvement :: Domestic Cleaning

Everybody loves to live in a clean house. To spend happy and healthy life, you need to clean your surroundings. Domestic cleaning is to be taken care of every day. This activity eats up lots of your time and also you are not rewarded for it monetarily. But still you cannot leave it and you have to do it essentially. It is hard and endless work. Once you clean a room, it gets as it was before sometimes even within half an hour. As this is unavoidable routine, what you can do is to make it less boring and quick. You can save your time from cleaning chores and do other more interesting activities.

Before starting your cleaning job, gather and arrange all the cleaning tools and supplies needed. It will save your time and energy which you might have wasted for bringing these things again and again. Some of the cleaning tools and supplies include:

o Degreaser o Toilet cleaner o Bleach o Scouring powder o Paper towels o A hard bristle scrubber - a short handle o Window cleaning solution o Two sponges- soft and hard o Newspapers (for mirrors and windows) o Mop, Broom and dust pan o Vacuum (store the "real" vacuum where there is the most carpet and carpet sweeper where there is the least) o Garbage bags of different sizes

Start cleaning from top to bottom, the way dust falls. Never vacuum the floors first otherwise you would have to do it again. Upper shelves have less of dust than the lower shelves, so assign time accordingly to each task. And yes, do not keep refining the results once they are achieved.

Take one room at a time. Come out of it only when it is cleaned completely. Start cleaning in a clockwise direction. You can start from a corner of the room. Once you have cleaned a thing, do not come back to it. Follow one simple rule: do not clean a thing which is not dirty. Horizontal surfaces gather more dust than the vertical surfaces so make efforts accordingly.

To make the everyday cleaning in the kitchen easier, make the habit of keeping all things at their assigned place after use. It will save you from lots of cleaning effort and time. It is important to keep things in order to keep the kitchen clean. Keep those things in front which you use frequently and rarely used things should be kept behind.

Everyday domestic cleaning can be made easier if you control clutter in your house. Keep the things organized and in order. This is the matter of inculcating a habit in each member of the family. De-cluttering of house keeps the house clean - always.

1 month ago

HVAC Program in Brunswick GA by William Hauselberg

Entering the HVAC field can be the beginning of a rewarding career. Working with heating, ventilation and air conditioning can present a new challenge each day, preventing the work from becoming mundane. The training to become an HVAC technician is necessary, but manageable. When choosing a Brunswick HVAC program, there are several things to consider.

The Length of the Program

While there are requirements that any Brunswick HVAC school must meet, the format of programs will vary. A Brunswick HVAC program may have an intense, shorter schedule. Or, the coursework may be flexible, but take longer. Choosing a program that suits your needs will help you succeed in your studies.

The Quality of the Program

Any Brunswick HVAC school should provide you with a quality education. Most programs will have certified instructors, but how much experience do they have? Instructors should be knowledgeable and able to provide insights not found in text books. Perhaps a program even brings in experts to lecture on specific topics.

An HVAC training program should not only train you with book knowledge, but also should provide experience. It is one thing to be able to recognize pictures and diagrams, but home a/c repair near me that is not enough. Experience ultimately is most beneficial. Learning under the guidance of an experienced professional can provide a safe environment to make mistakes in. Hands on experience should be combined with book studies.

The Support of the Program

After graduation, the school should have a network to help you. They should be able hvac courses to help you find internships and jobs, both in Brunswick and throughout Georgia. This may be central heating installation cost accomplished through internships which are part of your education, a referral service or connections faculty have. Education is not all a school should provide; a school should also help you find out how to use your education in the workforce.

Becoming an HVAC technician, or entering the field in any capacity, can be the beginning to a fun and rewarding career. Best of all, this is a field that does not require years and years of study to begin. There is an HVAC program suited to meet your specific needs in Brunswick, Georgia.